Resources and Recommended Links
These are friends and websites we'd like you to know about! In the case of shamanic practitioners, we have highlighted the areas of the country they practice in.

www.SandraIngerman.comSandra Ingerman is my teacher, author of several excellent books, includingSoul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented SelfandMedicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, and former education director for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Based in Santa Fe, NM, she leads workshops in various worldwide locations. www.ShamanicTeachers.comA list of shamanic teachers trained in "Medicine for the Earth" and recommended by our teacher, Sandra Ingerman.

www.ShamanicStudies.orgThis is the website for the FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES, which teaches core shamanism worldwide. Field researchers are constantly gathering information from remote indigenous shamans before the art is lost to "civilization." While the main office is in Mill Valley, CA, they teach workshops worldwide. A spiritual seeker on many levels, John Drinkard is a shamanic practitioner in the Allamuchy/Hackettstown, NJ area. A graduate of the Ravens Drum 2-year program, John is a healer, ceremonialist, psychic, spiritual guide and psychopomp.

An RNC with a master's in clinical psychology, Linda Kammer completed the Ravens Drum program in 2007. She offers ceremonies, tarot readings, healing work, and spiritual counseling. She also creates personalized Indian shields (which involves doing journey work). 

Lilla Redmond 2manyfeathers@gmail.comleads a drumming circle each month in Mt. Arlington, NJ. A graduate of the Ravens Drum 2-year program, she works with animals and locating missing animals. She also does psychpomp and soul retrievals. Lilla has been a Reiki Master/ Teacher since 1995 and offers Reiki treatments and teaches Reiki classes.  

Dianne Lorden Gettysburg, PA, is a practitioneroffering soul retrieval, soul extractions,and other forms of shamanic healing. She also creates and sells shamanic art items, such as rattles,  bowls, masks and more. Email Dianne at ( for information on her beautiful custom-made pieces.  Dianne is a graduate of the Ravens Drum 2-year program. 

SPLENDID LIFE CENTER FOR HEALING Burke offers free monthly guided meditations for adults and children in the Bernardsville/Basking Ridge, NJ area. A meditation practice allows you to manage stress, and brings more happiness, balance and creativity into your life. Fauzia has taken the Ravens Drum two year program in Shamanic Studies and includes journey work in her guided meditations. She has over 5 years of experience with meditation. 

Piedmont Shamanic Circle
 ) Stephen Cavitt) is proud to welcome our sister circle in the Atlanta area, led by former student and dear friend Tamara Barhar. The Piedmont Shamanic Circle offers monthly instruction and practice in core shamanism in Roswell, Georgia. New and experienced dreamers are welcome. The Circle is free, and a love offering is gratefully accepted. For more information, contact facilitators, Tamara Barhar

Spirit Hollow  www.SpiritHollow.orgOn beautiful wooded land outside of Bennington, VT, Tracy Forest leads workshops, vision quests, sweat lodges, and Shamanic healing work.

The Center for Earth Light Healing
Dory Cote, Shamanic Healer from Brunswick, Maine founded The Center for Earth Light Healing in 2007 after being in private practice as a shamanic healer for many years.  In addition to a broad range ofhealing services, The Center for Earth Light Healing provides workshops in shamanism as well as leading rituals, ceremonies and gatherings.

Dave Corbin and Nan Moss npmoss@aol.comhave developed some exciting work with weather spirits and are currently writing a book about it. They are members of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies teaching staff and travel to conduct workshops. They also conduct workshops, drumming circles, and healing work from their beautiful rustic home in Port Clyde, ME. 

Living Lotus Wellness Center
Aisha Shakti Hakim is a wellness practitioner whose modalities include Licensed Massage Therapy, Sound Healing, intuitive readings and Reiki.  (

Tom Cowan  is one of the leading experts on Celtic Shamanism and has authored several books on the subject. He teaches all over the country and leads annual pilgrimmages to Ireland and Scotland.

Elaine Egidio edgidio@comcast.netand the TANSY HOUSE in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, is always busy with Elaine s excellent workshops, dance therapy, and a variety of healing arts.

Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall  offer workshops in Hawaii on Huna spirituality and healing arts. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, they travel for Shamanic workshops and healings, as well. 

Kate Durda, NA, and Sephanie Tighe, MSW,Kate Durda, MA, and Stephanie Tighe, MSW, www.SpiritWeavers.netare the co-founders of SPIRIT WEAVERS, an organization devoted to supporting spiritual community in the Midwest. They provide healing services, training in shamanic practice, and also sponsor workshops by shamanic and spiritual practitioners from across the country.

Windsong Healing Arts, a shamanicpracticededicated to supporting self empowerment and an awareness of higher self. Located in Beavercreek, Ohio (in the Dayton, Ohio area) and operated by Donna Smith and Wayne Derryberry, who are committed to working toward the creation of harmony within their community and beyond. 

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Recommended Books
Life Between Falls:A Travelogue through Grief & the Unexpected
Julie Lange has traveled that dark road every mother dreads above all others, the death of a child. Her story is a healing journey through tragedy and loss into a life of unexpected joy and richness. In this book she tells her story, and shares some tools and approaches to help others who feel alone and lost in their own dark night of the soul.
Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins
Drawing on the wisdom of ancient and modern day mystics, Sandra explains how to tap into this knowledge and use it to solve the problem of pollution and other maladies plaguing the planet.
Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self
With warmth and compassion, Sandra Ingerman describes the dramatic results of combining soul retrieval with contemporary psychological concepts in this visionary work that revives the ancient shamanic tradition of soul retrieval for healing emotional and physical illness.
The Way of
the Shaman
My teacher Michael Harner', founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, authored this groundbreaking ( classic) on shamanism that pioneered the contemporaryshamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on understanding shamanism.
Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements
Inthis ( book), througha unique blend of anthropological research, shamanic journeys, and personal stories and anecdotes, Moss and Corbin show how humans and weather have always affected each other, and how it is possible to influence the weather. They present teachings directly from the spirits of weather that show how our thoughts and emotions affect weather energetics. They also reveal the ceremonial and therapeutic aspects of "weather dancing," a practice used to communicate with the weather spirits.
Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing (Life Touches Life:  ) is for every mother and father of a stillborn child, and anyone who wants to understand and love them. Itis abookfor anyonewho suffers great loss of any kind and emerges onto a new life landscape suddenly and inexplicably. It is a way—finally—to open a new conversation with and about life.
Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic & Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman
Malidoma Patrice Some from the Dgara tribe of West African was close to his shaman grandfather. But this relationship and his tribal way of life were destroyed when, at age four, he was kidnapped by a French Jesuit missionary and raised in a seminary, from which he escaped at age 20. Thisfascinatingautobiographyillustrates the profound culture clashes between Western civilization and indigenous cultures.
Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit
A lyrical, cross culturalexploration of shamanismandCeltic consciousness that examines the myths and tales of the ancient Celtic poets and storytellers, and describes the world and work of the shaman. A comprehensive introduction for those who seek their European spiritual roots and the ancestral wisdom of the Celtic mystical traditions.
Other Services
Graphic Design ( Mardfin is a friend, sister journeyer, artist, and the designer of the beautiful cover of my book Life Between Falls. She lives in Bernardsville, NJ and has become well known in the area for her uplifting artwork in all mediums - acrylic, photos, collage, furniture--reflecting her belief in the Law of Attraction. 

Hilary Klimek is a graduate of the 2008/2009 RavensDrum 2-year program in shamanic studies. She is a wonderful ceremonial photographer who also offers her services for portraiture, events, journalism and marketing. Hilary lives in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Holistic Psychotherapy
Kimberly Beckwith McGuire, PhD
A Ravens Drum 2-year program graduate, (Kimberly  ) is a licensed clinical psychologist with a practice in Livingston, NJ.  Her approach to healing encompasses a biopsychosocial/spiritual process as she incorporates traditional psychotherapy along with interventions such as EMDR, breathing relaxation, and shamanic aspects when indicated. Contact-619-823-4455.Shamanic tools

Shamanic Tools: Drums and Rattles
Kate Smith began Journeysmith to 
provide beautiful, inspiring and power-
ful  shamanic tools that help people 
connect and rendezvous with spirit. 
She co-creates each unique instrument using materials she finds in nature - the gnarled branch, the odd piece of drift wood - and natural dyes she often makes herself. Journeysmith also offers talking sticks and smudge fans. Custom work and repairs are also possible.