What is a Shaman?
 Shamans have always been the medicine people of their tribes or communities. Different traditions call them by different names, but their work is always to serve their people by interceding with the spirit realms to bring healing, help and wisdom.
What is a Shamanic Journey?
 Typically aided by the beat of a drum, rattle or other sonic device, shamans enter into a a visionary state of consciousness in which they are able to explore nonphysical realms and interact with spiritual beings.
Q  Is shamanism a religion?
A Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of life, based on a strong relationship with the natural world and the belief that everything has spirit, even seemingly inanimate objects like stones and trees. Therefore, we as human spirits have the ability to interact with all of creation on a spiritual level.
Q  How can I find a shamanic practitioner near me?
A  Visit this web site for a list of well-trained shamanic healers and training opportunities around the country.
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What is core shamanism?
Core shamanism is a distillation of practices or techniques practiced in some form or another by shamans of most cultures and traditions across the world. It is a body of work developed by Michael Harner, an anthropologist with decades of experience working with shamans of many cultures, and taught through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
Does shamansim have rules?
A  There is no doctrine or dogma associated with shamanism, which is why it is embraced by people of many faiths. Because shamans interact directly with the spirit world to find answers, help and healing, it is based on direct revelation rather than doctrinal teachings.
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