This program is for those who wish to take their shamanic knowledge, skills, and experience to a deeper level within a safe and trusted community of spiritual seekers. For some, it will be a preparation to work with integrity, compassion, and confidence as healers and leaders of their own shamanic communities. For others, it will be a process of inner exploration, transformation and growth. Over a 2-year period, participants will meet 4 -5 times each year. Two of those annual sessions will be weekends beginning on Friday evening and continuing through Sunday afternoon at the beautiful Kirkridge Retreat Center near Bangor, PA. The other sessions will be one-day, non-residential gatherings at a north Jersey location .  Students will work with power animals, ancestor spirits, nature spirits and various "other world" teachers, using a variety of shamanic techniques, including journeywork, ritual, ceremony and various initiations to facilitate self-healing and to ease the physical, mental and emotional suffering of others. Coursework includes: soul retrieval, extraction, working with death and dying, Medicine for the Earth, healing with spiritual light, divination and other core healing techniques used by shamans across many times and cultures. Participants will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of the work through homework assignments. 
This work can be intense at times, and students will be offered the personal mentorship of graduates of past 2-year programs who have volunteered to provide support.
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be invited to become part of the Circle of Light, a community of shamans who have been through the previous two-year trainings and have made the choice to continue meeting and working together for the benefit of our planet and one another.  
Participation is offered by invitation only. If you are interested in being considered for the 2014-2016 program, please contact Julie at or 908-399-9762 for an application form.
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        2018 dates​
  • Sat., Jan. 27, Hackettstown, NJ
  • Sat., April 28, Hackettstown
  • Fri. - Sun., June 22-24, Kirkridge 
  • Sat., Sept. 15, Hackettstown
  • Fri. - Sun., Nov. 2 - 4, Kirkridge

      2019 dates​
  • Sat. Jan. 26, Hackettstown
  • Sat., March 23, Hackettstown
  • Fri. - Sun., June 21-23, Kirkridge
Comments from past participants:“It led me to reassess how I spend my energies, what I focus them on, and fostered a huge shift in my life, which brings me much joy as well as a sense of satisfaction at having a way to walk in both worlds every day.”“I am not the same person who entered the program -- I am a better person.”“I have developed amazing spiritual contracts and relationships that are a blessing and will serve me well. I have come to understand things about me and my life that have been true all my life but I didn’t understand before.”“This program motivated me to set intentions and manifest them.”“Thank you, thank you from the core of my being for inviting me into this experience.”
Top right - The 5th 2-year program class of 2016 shares their first meal together at the Musconetcong River Center on June 21.
Top left - Members of Class of 2012 share a meal and good company.
​Center right - a bonfire at the Samhain ceremony at ColumcillerightrightTop left - Bonfire at Samhain celebration at Columcille Megalith Park - Oct. 2010
​Center left - Class of 2009ClassCBottom left - Class of 2009
Below - Altar at graduation of Class of 2014